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Clockwise from top left: pozole at Luna y Sol, chicken pot pie at Kenny & Ziggy's, moules bisque at Cafe Brussels and boeuf aux olives at Bistro Provence

We only get a few chances every year to savor something truly tummy-warming, and these four dishes encourage sharing, so tuck in with friends and family.


  • What: Pork and hominy soup with cilantro, onions, lime and tostadas
  • WhereLuna y Sol, served only on Saturdays and Sundays
  • How much: $5.99 (small) or $9.99 (large)

Chicken Pot Pie

  • What: Chicken, carrots and peas in a cream sauce with puff pastry
  • WhereKenny & Ziggy’s
  • How much: $18.95

Boeuf aux Olives

  • What: Beef stew in a hearty tomato and red wine sauce with green olives
  • WhereBistro Provence
  • How much: $22

Moules Bisque

  • What: Mussels steamed in bisque, cognac and cream, served with frites
  • WhereCafé Brussels
  • How much: $16
Excerpted from our December 2015 feature, 65 Winter Must-Dos.