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Sometimes Taco Tuesday comes a day early.


Image: Megha Tejpal

A routine taco stop in the Heights last weekend led us to a place where meatless tacos are made of far better things than the typical "substitute beans for beef" option. The Tex-Mex menu at Tacos A Go-Go—comprised mostly of meaty tacos like pork guisado or barbacoa—is complemented by a variety of meatless selections.

With locations on Main Street in midtown and on White Oak in the Heights, Tacos A Go-Go has been a favorite among Houstonians for years for its laid-back vibe and no nonsense, from-scratch fare with a Texas twist. For vegetarian diners, hearty tacos priced at $2 and $3 are loaded with zesty vegetables, pickled jalapeños, vegetarian beans, and spicy sauce. The Tater Taco (which is typically served with crispy bacon but can be made vegetarian without it) is accurately described on the menu as "ridiculously gringo." It's heavily stuffed with "Mexican" tater tots, black beans, queso, salsa roja, tomatoes and fresh sour cream. Dripping with goodness from your choice of flour, corn or whole wheat tortillas, the customized vegetarian taco is one of the best ways to go meatless.

Breakfast tacos and combo plates are available morning, noon and night with all items vegetarian unless you request the meat. Combo plates accompanied with rice and beans are priced at less than $10 and include such enticing dishes as the Nachos A Go-Go, the burrito bowl topped with queso and spinach-and-mushroom quesadillas. 

In addition to spicy salsa, fresh guacamole and chips and queso, guests can expect other add-ons including frozen margaritas, Jarritos, Mexican Coke and Topo Chico. Known as your "local taco dealer" Tacos A Go-Go will feed your Tex-Mex addiction seven days a week.


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