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Do You Crave More Than Cupcakes?

Boutique bakery Crave now whips up more than just cupcakes.

By Megha Tejpal February 22, 2016

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Crave milk and fudge brownies? Yes, we do.

We hate to break it to you, but Crave Cupcakes and its eponymous sweet no longer have an exclusive relationship. But that only means there's now more to love at the three Houston locations of the boutique bake bar.

The hungry little devils on our shoulders will no longer stop prodding us to bring home "just a few cupcakes." Now, classic chocolate chip cookies and Texas-sized fudge brownies will inflame them, too. Luckily, Crave has also added grab-and-go energy bars for a more pious dose of sweetness.

Cupcake chef and co-owner Elizabeth Harrison Cooper carefully considered the decision to introduce new items to the already popular menu. After experimenting with a variety of sweet treats during the 2015 holiday season, she was sold that chocolate chip cookie and triangular, fudgy chocolate brownies made with dark Belgian chocolate, were a safe bet among Crave's regular customers.

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These emoji toppers send a tasty message.

But as a bonus for all of us who complained about being tempted while picking up cupcakes for a party, Harrison's also introduced a homemade energy bar that's still sweet, but not as dangerous. The bars are pre-packaged and filled with walnuts, old-fashioned steel-cut oats, almonds, carob chips, protein powder and vanilla.

The bakery prides itself on using quality ingredients including European chocolates, seasonal fruits and locally-sourced dairy, to create confections that are both delicious and visually striking. Crave's decorative cupcakes have included emoji toppers, seasonal designs and looks that reflect Houston's winning sports teams.

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We crave cupcakes, but we also crave cookies and brownies.

Al three locations—in Rice Village, Uptown Park, and the newest addition in The Woodlands—bustle with activity, but guests are still invited to settle down for a hot cup of house-brewed coffee. And if the views of cookies, brownies and cupcakes conjure monster cravings, why not give in?


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