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The Cheese Bar is Bringing Grilled (Artisan) Cheese to Cypress

Local cheese in all its forms will be the focus when the new store opens April 8.

By Alice Levitt March 18, 2016

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Looking to bring mozzarella and burrata that have been hand-pulled that day using Texas dairy home to the 'burbs? The Italian countryside fantasy will become a cream-dripping reality on April 8 when the Cheese Bar opens at Cypress' spanking new Towne Lake Marina & Boardwalk complex. 

Those fresh curds will come via owners Troy and Melissa Boyce, a pair of Pittsburgh transplants with an appetite for local food. Houston Dairymaids will be one of the Cheese Bar's primary suppliers, and the Texas selections will often echo the ones available in the Heights. Troy specifically mentions the goat cheeses from Pure Luck Dairy and Blue Heron Farm, as well as Veldhuizen Family Farm's cheddars, among specialties that will be regularly available. "One of our goals is to be a stage for local farmers. They can’t produce enough to go into Kroger and HEB consistently—this will allow them to showcase their award-winning items," he says.

"We really like how the passion and art that they have shows in what they do instead of just cranking out a bunch of cheese," adds Melissa.

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The sign is up in anticipation of next month's opening.

They won't sell "a bunch of cheese" at a given time, either. In order to ensure optimal freshness, offerings will rotate in and out in quick succession. And if an option that tastes best fresh has been in the store a few days, it will find a home in cooked food, not as rubbery supermarket-quality cheese.

While there will be simple cheese and charcuterie plates, the Boyces' plan to showcase the unique attributes of their products in more creative ways. Gruyère 1655 from Fromagerie le Crêt in the Swiss canton of Fribourg, for example, will be griddled and served with onion broth for a take on French onion soup. A favorite Brie will be paired with turkey and homemade peach compôte in another sandwich. Seasonal salads and soups, such as one that melds beer and cheese, will also utilize the store's products.

But that's not the only role for Texas brews. Beer and wine are part of the plan, too. Both will always be available for suggested pairings, but Melissa expects to host special dinners devoted to cheese and complementary beverages in the future.


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