Sweet Meat

Sugar Rush: Burger Cupcakes

Three Brothers Bakery turns the whimsy up to 11.

By Alice Levitt July 13, 2016

Img 2397 nmtzqw

My body's too burgerlicious for you, babe.

Image: Sarah Taqvi

Today's the day, Houstonia's third annual Burger Bash, when 15 worthy Houston restaurants will battle to prove their patties are the best. But yesterday, the Houstonia offices welcomed a burger that will not be competing today. Chances are, the new burger cupcakes at Three Brothers Bakery wouldn't be so pretty after a turn on the grill.

Img 2400 vhustq

Half a dozen burger cupcakes ready for sharing.

Image: Sarah Taqvi

But the soft cake—that for better or worse will remind you of mom's Duncan Hines creations—sure is easy on the eyes as is. Anyone who has ever truly loved the Japanese confection known as Every Burger knows the idea: Cover a sweet bun (in this case vanilla cupcake) in sesame seeds, fill it with chocolate (more cupcake) and use squiggles of icing to replicate lettuce, ketchup and cheese (or mustard?) and complete the trompe l'oeil effect. 

Is there a better way to celebrate summer than with a meal of savory and sweet burgers? Maybe healthier ones, but for the sake of pure whimsy, burger cupcakes surely take the cake. But getting some takes preparation: They're only available by advance order.

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