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Coltivare tops the list in The Heights

By now, whether by choice or not, we have all been engulfed by Hurricane Pokémon Go. If you’ve been to Discovery Green lately, you may have stumbled upon clans of Pokémon “chasers” or “hunters,” viewing the augmented world through the screen of their phones hunting the rarest digital creatures. Hunters go on hours-long hunts, or “walks” as the layperson may call them, to add Pokémon to their collections. You know it’s serious when one of the most popular apps around, Yelp, develops a customization helping hunters find Pokémon while they dine.

Released in the latest update, Yelp has included a PokéStop filter which shows what restaurants are located close to a PokéStop. For those not in the know, a PokéStop is where a player can refill on essential items used in the game (think health-packs or extra ammo for the old-school gamer).

Using the new feature is fairly straightforward: select the type of restaurant you’d like or the neighborhood you’re heading to and select the “PokéStop Nearby” filter on the slider toward the top of the screen. For example, from our office on Heights Boulevard, it looks like Coltivare is the place to go to stock up on free Pokéballs. Definitely a good way to pass the time while waiting for a table at the almost always-packed eatery.

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Restaurant owners seem to be looking at this latest craze to boost sales and attract new diners. After a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday, we stopped by Theo’s Restaurant in Montrose for a late lunch, only to notice a hand-drawn sign of a Pokéball stating “Pokémon Found Here.” When we spoke to manager George Dipoulos, he stated he welcomed hunters of all ages. He and the staff have actually had fun with helping hunters find their prey while they wait for their meal and it works as a great icebreaker (pro tip to hunters visiting Theo’s: Don’t forget they have a dining area upstairs).

PokéStop locations around town seem to be plentiful already as every neighborhood we searched had dozens of options. In any case, it’s always best to be well nourished during a hunt!

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