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A Kid Chef's Dish Will Be Added to Luby's Menu

The restaurant chain and Houston-based non-profit Homemade Hope partner up for a junior chef cooking competition.

By Abby Eastman August 18, 2016

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Will the young chefs come up with a recipe as classic as Luby's mac-and-cheese?

Luby’s restaurants and Homemade Hope, a local nonprofit devoted to homeless and at-risk children, are getting ready to put their new project on the menu: Luanne’s Kitchen Contest, a cooking contest for junior chefs. The stakes go beyond raising awareness of less fortunate peers: The winner will take home a $1,000 grand prize and have his or her dish featured at Luby’s throughout Houston. However, the contest does not just provide an opportunity for young chefs to win—they will also get to collaborate with their peers who are involved with Homemade Hope.

The contest, for kids ages 10-15, features two rounds. The first round asks entrants to submit an original and typed recipe for a side, entrée, or dessert crafted from a list of ingredients found on the contest page. Each submission must include a dish, a story about the dish or a family/friend taste review, an ingredient list, the resulting number of portions, a step-by-step outline of the preparation, and a photo or hand-drawn picture of the finished product, all due by midnight on September 30, 2016.

After a panel of Luby’s corporate chefs review the submissions based on perceived taste, presentation in the drawing or picture, creativity and originality, and the written submission, up to 10 finalists will be selected. These finalists will meet at the Luby’s Uptown Houston flagship, on a soon-to-be-determined date in October, for the ultimate cooking showdown. Each team will be comprised of one junior chef, one junior sous-chef from Homemade Hope and a Luby’s manager. The teams will recreate the recipe, and the dish will be judged by a group of VIPs, including Houston media, personalities and chefs. 

Homemade Hope, a Houston-based nonprofit, uses the culinary arts to "foster creativity, develop life skills and traditions and feed every child's belief that life has hope." A portion of the sales from the showcased dishes will benefit the charity. 

For more information regarding the contest and submissions, visit lubysluannskitchencontest.com.

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