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Is Creamistry the Ice Cream of the Future?

Sampling Houston's newest made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream.

By Abby Eastman August 4, 2016

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Is there any ice cream more dramatic?

The term "fresh ice cream" has been redefined. At Creamistry, located at 5000 Westheimer Rd., watch as milk turns into a creamy, frozen treat right before your eyes in mere seconds.

When you first walk in to the store, you are bound to see a long line of people waiting to order. But if you look around, you’ll notice the counter lined with mixing bowls and the constant stream of nitrogen gas flowing off the counter that brings you back to the days of your high school chemistry class.

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Infinitely more fun than first period chem lab.

The menu is any ice cream fan’s wonderland. You start by choosing your size and base. Choose from the signature premium milk, the smoothest and creamiest base, or organic milk. For dairy-free ice cream lovers, there's also a sorbet base or a coconut milk base that is totally vegan!

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The author's finished dessert.

Next, it’s time to choose your ice cream flavor. The classics are available for every vanilla, chocolate, or sea salt caramel lover. But the flavor choices don’t end there. Pretend you're eating part of a balanced breakfast with a Cap’n Crunch or Fruity Pebbles scoop, made with the actual cereals. Or maybe you prefer espresso or matcha green tea ice cream. Explore the fruity, nutty and cookie or cake flavors for a taste bud-raising, creamy treat.

One last decision before you’re done. How will you garnish your masterpiece? Choose from a wide variety of toppings and sauce, and even upgrade to a waffle, brownie or chocolate bowl.

The novelty of watching your ice cream being frozen in front of you may never wear off. The ice cream of the future is the perfect way to beat the Bayou City’s hot and sticky summer heat.

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