Lego rudz exterior p6c1xu

Lego Rudz "exterior"

For next weekend's 38th anniversary celebration, Rudyard’s Pub is unveiling perhaps one of the coolest tributes to a bar we’ve seen: a stunningly accurate re-creation of the entire bar made out of Legos.

According to Joe Apa, the chef at Rudyard’s, “Lego Rudz” was been created over a nine-month span by loyal Rudyard’s regular Robert Bass. Apa put us in contact with Bass who says Lego construction has been a hobby of his for as long as he can remember. Though the endeavor began as a project to showcase the exterior, Bass thought the real challenge would be to re-create the whole dang bar.

During the build, Bass took dozens of measurements and pictures of the bar’s footprint to make it is as accurate as possible and as far as Bass is concerned, the model is to scale. Bass even had to scour the globe for some of the more specialized and discontinued pieces. The flip-top lid for the deep freezer in the model's kitchen was particularly difficult to track down. When asked how many Lego pieces were needed to complete the build, Bass responds "I lost count after a couple thousand".

Lego rudz interior cnij9d

Lego Rudz "interior"

Up next for Bass? That'll be tackling Rudyard's neighbor, The Next Door Bar, and perhaps the Rothko Chapel after that. To get an up-close-and-personal view of Bass’ tribute, drop by Rudyard’s next weekend, August 26 and 27. Might as well grab a burger while you're at it.

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