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Sugar Rush: Crave Cupcakes' All-American Specials

You might need a PB&J cupcake for lunch today.

By Joanna O'Leary August 12, 2016

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Strawberry lemonade cupcakes? Why not?

The launch of CRAVE Bakery means now there’s even more to covet at this famous cupcakery.  Attractive, albeit a bit overpriced, offerings include chocolate chip cookies, fudgy dark chocolate brownies, Rice Krispies “pops” dipped in frosting and speckled with rainbow jimmies, and, my favorite, oatmeal cookie and buttercream sandwiches. This extension of CRAVE’s product line may seem nonsensical to some (“Who buys cookies at a cupcake shop?”) but is a freakin’ godsend if you’re looking to buy baked goods for the whole office except Madison from accounting doesn’t like cupcakes because “They’re so 2011.” Whatever, eat it, Madison, and by “it” I am referring to that Texas pecan bar I thoughtfully picked up for you at CRAVE.

Crave a1v2j8

The peanut butter-and-jelly cupcake.

And while no one in her right mind wants this summer to last forever, one saving grace of this season is CRAVE’s special “All-American” cupcake line. The pink lemonade and ice cream sundae flavors get a solid meh, but the peanut butter-and-jelly cupcake is singularly delicious as well as novel in its architecture: A vanilla cupcake respectable in its own right is infused with a generous portion of strawberry jam, then smothered in peanut butter frosting, making for the perfect dessert version of America’s favorite sandwich. Pair with a glass of milk and you’ve got a solid lunch.

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