The first thing you'll notice about a Pi Pizza is that it's topped as much mathematically as artistically. It's as if chef and co-owner Anthony Calleo consciously has the Fibonacci sequence in mind at each moment he's at work, distributing cured meats and vegetables as if they were petals on a rose or chambers in a nautilus shell. That means there are no boring bites on the 20 idiosyncratic pies that fill his opening menu. 

Calleo operated Pi as a truck for four-and-a-half years before debuting the Heights Boulevard restaurant with Cherry Pie Hospitality owner Lee Ellis on September 2. In that time, he created well more than 100 different topping combinations to spread over his puffy but thin, chewy but crisp dough. They'll cycle in and out over time.

But Pi is not merely a slice shop (in fact, pizza is only available whole, not in slices). Appetizers and sandwiches fill the front page of the menu and beverage director Laurie Harvey has come up with cocktails far more interesting than you'd expect to pair with pizza. There are desserts from Petite Sweets, too, including a strong but sugary Old Fashioned ice cream. Click through to see some of what we tried at Pi last week.

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