The new Liberty Kitchen at the Treehouse, named for the building in which it's located at 963 Bunker Hill, is visually breathtaking from the moment you park your car. Reclaimed materials envelop the space from floor to soaring ceilings, only hinting at the environmental virtues of the new restaurant. In fact, the building is double LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) platinum certified by the U.S. Building Council, making it the most sustainable building in Texas and the second in the United States.

But you can't eat atmosphere, no matter how environmentally friendly. And that's where Treehouse differs perhaps most dramatically from the other Liberty Kitchens. The kitchen centers around a 13-foot-long wood-fired grill. Meats and fish are licked by flame, but other dishes are prepared in Dutch ovens or hung over the embers to absorb the smoke.

Executive chef Eric Laird, a former surgical assistant, is unsurprisingly comfortable in the anatomical realm, whether human or delicious animal. He admits that he's currently only using about seven of the 13 feet right now, powered by burning oak and pecan. Which means there are still six feet worth of dishes yet to be conceived a month after opening. Here's our first look at what's available now.

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