Candy Mountain

Three Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month

You'll find everything from vintage treats to global goodies at these sugar stops.

By Alice Levitt May 25, 2017 Published in the June 2017 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Go crazy, y'all.

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We don’t always celebrate national food months—Baked Bean Month will likely come and go for us. When we do, it’s bound to be something we already love and need an excuse to binge on, like candy. In honor of National Candy Month, here’s our three favorite places to grab the sweet stuff.


In search of the treats you (or your grandparents) grew up with? Look no further than the ribbon candies, Goo Goo Clusters and Cherry Cocktail Bars on offer at this two-store chain, with one in Rice Village and one in Montrose. We’re especially excited about the display of C. Howard’s circa-1930s violet-flavored candy and gum, which has a cult following for a reason.

Greatwall Supermarket

In need of exotic candy, but not sure which Asian country’s sweets you prefer? At this two-floor supermarket in Chinatown, there are aisles devoted to sugary snacks from Japan and Korea, China and Vietnam. We always make it a point to bring home rice-paper-wrapped Japanese Botan Rice Candy. 

Las Delicias Mexicanas

If you’re from Mexico, there is no time capsule to your childhood like this retailer and wholesaler on Airline Drive. If you’re new to Mexican sweets, this is an overwhelming education. Colorful wafers, ready to be filled with caramel or chamoy, are especially popular, but our favorites are the chocolate-covered marshmallows.

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