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Sushi Doughnuts Have Hit Houston

The limited editions will be served Friday, June 2 only!

By Beth Levine June 1, 2017

Houston's poke fever is already somewhere past fever pitch. What to do as the hysteria cools? As Stephen Sondheim would say, you gotta get a gimmick. The folks over at Pokeology have done just that. 

This Friday, June 2 at Pokeology's Rice Village location on Morningside drive, "executive pokeologist" Jason Liao will bring sushi doughnuts to Houston. According legend, the original sushi donut originated in the OC at Project Poke. It's been blowing up the internet ever since and popping up at poke places all around the country. 

What is it? The sushi doughnut is just like it sounds—imagine a rainbow roll with the shape and pop-in-your mouth ease of a doughnut. Some are even filled. In the case of Liao's some are filled with crab meat or avocado, others are solid. There are a variety of interpretations, but most are wrapped in fresh salmon or tuna.

Liao's sushi doughnuts are an answer to a challenge from a friend who dared him to construct his own versions after seeing the invention on Instagram. Always ready to take on a challenge, Liao will be selling limited-release sushi doughnuts this Friday from open to close for $6 apiece. It's an uncommon savory answer to how best to celebrate National Doughnut Day. OK, you can get a sweet doughnut afterwards, too.

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