There are still some old favorites at Goode's Armadillo Palace. The burger, the venison chili—they're not going anywhere, chef-owner Levi Goode promises. But with an expanded kitchen to go with a remade patio and event space, Goode and R&D chef David Luna created a larger menu that tells the story of how the Goode family arrived in Houston. "We landed in Virginia from Europe and migrated through Alabama [and] Mississippi before we moved on to Texas. We've been in Texas for five generations," Goode says. Factor in the Mexican side of the family, and you've got an idea of the flavors with which Goode is working.

What you might not be prepared for, though, is the innovation and fun. We scored a seat near the stage to sample a sliver of the eclectic pie to show you what you shouldn't be missing. It's been four years in the making, so you know it's had plenty of time to marinate.

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