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Bosscat Kitchen and Libations Launches Lighter Lunch Menu

One of our favorite spots for big time eating decides it's time to try dishes that go a little easier on the waistline.

By Julia Gsell July 21, 2017

The restaurant that brought us “Fruity Pebble French Toastis now offering lighter fare for lunch. Bosscat Kitchen and Libations previously employed the same menu for lunch and dinner, but these dog days of summer have inspired the Bosscat team to try something different.

The new lunch menu focuses on locally-sourced, fresh ingredients to give diners lighter options in the summer heat. It boasts flatbreads, wraps, salads and bowls as new creations, but a few signature dishes from the dinner menu remain. Don’t worry—the Corn Bread Madelines, the Bosscat Burger, and, of course, the Red Velvet Churros made the cut. 

Avocado toast photo by china martin nfpwin

The "Avocado Toast" topped with gulf ahi tuna.

Image: China Martin

To start, try the Avocado Toast. Mashed on whole wheat bread from Kraftsmen Baking, the avocado is topped with cubed Gulf ahi tuna, radishes and edible flowers. This dish stole the show for me. The wheat taste mixed with the freshness of its lighter accompaniments make the dish both refreshing and satisfying.

Short rib flatbread 2 photo by china martin jvaahu

The "Short Rib Flatbread" with pickled onions

Image: China Martin

The Short Rib Flatbread is prepared on the same scrumptious bread. The slow-roasted beef short rib is drizzled with jalapeño Greek yogurt and garnished with pickled onions. Let me tell you, the juicy heaps atop each individual square are worth a bit of a mess.

Vietnamese chicken wrap photo by china martin dc53xn

The "Vietnamese Chicken Wrap" with grilled chicken, pickled vegetables and jalapenos. 

Image: China Martin

A take on a banh misans baguette—the Vietnamese Chicken Wrap" combines pickled vegetables with grilled chicken, jalapeño and cilantro on roti bread (basically a South Asian flour tortilla). The sauce, a Bosscat take on honey mustard, is the glue that keeps this dish together.

Chile verde soup photo by china martin izxo5i

The "Chile Verde Soup" 

Image: China Martin

A mini-quesadilla tag teams it with the Chile Verde Soup. Soft cojita cheese and black beans mix well into the creamy soup with roasted tomatillo and poblano peppers.

Bosscat bowls photo by china martin mp6iwm

The "Seoul Bowl" top, "Cowboy Caviar Bowl" left and "Havana Bowl" right. 

Image: China Martin

As for bowls, there are three on the menu, each moored in brown rice. We chose owner Tai Nguyen’s favorite, the Seoul Bowl—pun not intended—laughed chef Peter Petro. The Seoul is a colorful creation filled with Korean-style skirt steak from 44 Farms, green onions, purple cabbage, carrots, kimchi and sesame. The spicy cabbage and fatty beef burst with flavor.

Power spinach salad 2 photo by china martin cjl2lw

The "Power Spinach" 

Image: China Martin

And finally, choose from three salads from the menu. We chose the Power Spinach, but the kale, quinoa, walnuts and berries on the Eat Slow with blackberry Greek yogurt dressing sound equally refreshing. A balsamic dressing coats the spinach, roasted pears, almonds, grapes and red cabbage. Bourbon Chicken, Gulf Shrimp or Faroe Islands Salmon can be added to any of the three.

With no Pig Candy or duck-butter fried eggs in sight, this new lunch menu is definitely lighter, and no less delicious.

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