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Get a Chance to Try Authentic Italian Pizza this August at The Ivy & James

Sicilian pizza maker Luciano Carciotto is bringing his award-winning pizza skills to Evelyn's Park.

By Allyson Waller July 28, 2017


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At the 33rd Annual International Pizza Expo, Sicilian pizza maker Luciano Carciotto was awarded the title 2017 Pizza Maker of the Year. Next month, he's bringing his pizza skills to Evelyn’s Park.

On August 26, Bellaire restaurant The Ivy & James and food source company Forever Gourmet will host a children’s pizza making class featuring Carciotto. The event caters not just to children, but adults too, with a prix-fixe style dinner served later in the evening. Other featured guests will include pizza chef Pasquale Di Maio of Minnesota, native of Naples, Italy.

Carciotto is the owner of 7+ Pizzeria in Sicily and his restaurant has attracted visitors for its delicious pizza options. The sizable pies include Oro dell’ Etna, a pizza with mozzarella, Provolone and ground pistachios, and the Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, a combination of chicken, sweet onions and bacon, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Although Carciotto may not be cooking up precisely those delights next month, guests will nonetheless learn to make an authentic Italian pizza, while enjoying the outdoor delights of Evelyn Park.

The Ivy & James owners Jamie and Dalia Zelko are collaborating on the August event with Forever Gourmet, a food source company that is focused on supplying high-quality products to suppliers and bringing great culinary thinkers to new audiences. Such is the intention in allowing Carciotto to share his skills with Houston. And the pizzas he makes will use authentic ingredients, many of which will be directly shipped from Italy, says Forever Gourmet co-founder Roberta Marcenaro Lyon.

“I think it’s going to be a very nice crowd,” Lyon says. “And people are going to be very excited just to eat something simple in a great location. I think it’s going to be super special.”

With a children’s cooking class and dinner, which will feature Carciotto's award-winning pizza "The Kingdom of Two Sicilies," Forever Gourmet and The Ivy & James are giving families the perfect event to enjoy as summer time comes to a close.

Saturday, August 26. The Ivy & James. 4400 Bellaire Blvd. 832-831-6944. Tickets to the event are available for sale at The Ivy & James. The Children's coking class ($20) will began at 1:30 p.m., followed by the prix-fixe family style dinner ($75) at 6- 10 p.m.

Ed note: This piece has been edited to correct an earlier statement. Winemaker Paul Hobbs will not be in attendance at the event. Houstonia regrets the error.

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