Houston's Best Japanese Food, According to Chef Jean Philippe Gaston

Where to find the best sushi, katsu and more.

By Julia Gsell August 11, 2017

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Skip the sad grocery store sushi. We talked to Jean Philippe Gaston, executive chef at Izakaya, and asked him where to find the best Japanese joints around town. Here's what he had to say: 

Favorite Sushi | Kata Robata & Nippon

“Kata Robata by far, and 'disco Kroger!' Hahaha, just kidding. Nippon is another one, it’s a great neighborhood place.”

Favorite Ramen | Ninja Ramen

“I recently had Ninja, and it was one of the best ramens I’ve had here in Houston.”

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Chef Jean Philippe Gaston of Izakaya

Favorite Bento Box | Miyako

“Miyako always makes the oldies but goodies.”

Favorite Chicken Katsu | Better Luck Tomorrow

“Better Luck Tomorrow’s chicken has got to be the best! I don’t know if this qualifies as a Japanese joint, but it’s simple and great.”

Favorite Yakitori | Genji Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

“My favorite giant squid, gizzards, yakitori and katsu don all fall in the same category, or at least same answer: Genji’s.”

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