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Healthy Chain Coolgreens is Headed to Houston

The Oklahoma-based concept will open its first out-of-state location in Space City.

By Anita Gomez September 25, 2017

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There's no question that Houston has one of the best culinary scenes in the country. It’s no surprise, then, that the owners of Oklahoma-based eatery Coolgreens would choose Houston as the first place to start their out-of-state franchise. Coolgreens started off in 2009 in Oklahoma City, and quickly branched out into six additional locations, all in Oklahoma. Now the owners are looking at real estate in Houston with plans to open five locations in the market.

Before we're inundated, what is Coolgreens? The dining experience is a down-the-line fresh, naturally sourced food concept along the lines of that dreaded (or not so dreaded) 'c' word, Chipotle. Food is prepared in-house daily and designed to fit a variety of dietary lifestyles, because everyone’s idea of healthy can be different.

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This is exciting for Houston, as the city has a growing population of vegan restaurants and countless juice bars. “Coolgreens is very appealing to the palate of Houston," Clay Carson, Coolgreens' VP of franchise management says. "Our menu features a lot different food profiles, with a Latin twist, an Asian twist, an Italian twist." The diverse menu seemingly has something for everyone, Carson says.

"We have from ahi tuna, to steak, to limited offers that are all culinary-based,” he details. The menu features over 50 different types of lettuce, vegetables sliced fresh in-store each day, house-made toppings, dressings made from scratch, and options for all types of dietary needs, including gluten-free, carb-free, and low fat. The brand is committed to serving healthy communities fresh and natural food, Carson adds. Likely, the first Houston-area store serving "crisp, different"  fare will open in the Katy or Richmond area in spring 2018.  

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