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Sam & Adam's adult beverage. Haven't we heard this before?

One of the many reasons I am happy I am not A Person Extremely Famous For Doing One Thing is that if I devote varying amounts of energy to my multiple “passion projects,” whatever I achieve in engaging in one endeavor isn’t taken as prima facie proof that I couldn’t possibly also be successful to some degree later down the line in another. Not so often for celebrities primarily known for one skill, at least from the onset of their fame, because let’s face it, us jealous hoi-polloi don’t want to believe that, say, Geena Davis could be incredibly book smart (Princeton grad and Mensan), a decent actress (better in some films than others), and a nationally ranked female archer and one-time Olympic hopeful. Too bad, kids, some people are that multi-talented. Or Keanu Reeves and his onetime band, Dogstar. Just kidding.

I am the first to admit I harbor such prejudices about celebrities, which is why I snorted louder than a filly in heat when I read a press release detailing how Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine, of Van Halen and Maroon Five, respectively, had collaborated in the creation of Santo Mezquila. As the name suggests, the drink is blended firewater. Specifically, it's 100-percent blue agave, generally called tequila, and Espadin agave, which is used to produce mezcal. That portmanteau elicited a second snort from me and then a third when I the claim that the spirit was “born from a creative revelation that Sammy and Adam shared one night in Cabo San Lucas,” as I imagined these two rockers sharing a this profound epiphany in between shots at a gringo dance club.

But in the case of this celebrity product, I’m gonna have to eat my hat, or rather more appropriately, sombrero, because whatever transpired in that mutual moment between Hagar and Levine somehow led to the making of a unique and downright respectful spirit. Santo Mezquila is a tad sweeter than most varietals and therefore connoisseurs who prefer headier, smokier tequilas are likely to find it less palatable. However, its lighter body and smooth finish render it perfect for sipping on very hot days (or when a lightning strike fried your AC—thanks, Harvey).  In mixed drinks (hey, margarita!), Santo Mezquila, given its sweet tendencies, should not be combined with saccharine juices but rather pure lime juice or ginger-based sodas.

So to Hagar and Levine, I reluctantly albeit enthusiastically say “cheers” to Santo Mezquila! But don't think this gives you a free pass to collaborate on a children's book.

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