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Happiness is a Topo and a taco.

Image: Alice Levitt

If ever there was a time when Houstonians were in need of comfort, it's now. And if you're taking your dose in edible form, few things hit that spot for born-and-bred locals that breakfast tacos do. To launch their inaugural breakfast menu, the owners of Relish Restaurant & Bar, Addie and Dustin Teague, paired their five egg-filled wraps with $1 Taco + Topo Chico Wednesday, perhaps the happiest meal ever. 

Though the prices are higher on other days of the week (tacos are mostly $3.25, except for steak, egg and cheese and The Works, which are $4), they're no less worthy of your time. For vegetarians, there's thinly sliced zucchini with tomatoes and a mound of eggs and melted cheese. All tacos come with smooth but legitimately spicy Lorenzo's Salsa. There's a choice of flour or corn tortillas, but I preferred the flour for my favorite, the deceptively simple bacon, egg and cheese. The secret is the three thick-cut rashers cooked crisp on the outside, but fleshy enough that the center oozes fatty juices like pork belly.

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Every word of the hot honey chicken biscuit inspires confidence.

Image: Alice Levitt

The hot honey chicken biscuit is likely to win fans with just as much panache. The chicken thigh is breaded in a coating so brittle that it bits flake off at a breath. It's drizzled with hot honey and placed inside a buttery biscuit flavored with rosemary. On the opposite end of the health spectrum, a halved grapefruit is covered with sugar that's bruléed, then served with mint chutney.

And for breakfast dessert? (You know we didn't make that up.) The blueberry scone we tried (they change daily) put to bed any accusations that scones are dry. This was more of a fluffy, crunchy-edged flat muffin. The cinnamon roll was spiced, sweet and soft as one could wish.

Yes, the $1 taco era is over (for now), but if you're in need of comfort between 7 and 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, Relish could be the place you need.