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I Eat Therefore I Am A Fan: Try These Astros-Inspired Specials

From cookies to booze, consume your allegiance to Houston's home team.

By Joanna O'Leary October 27, 2017

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Look washed out in orange? Orbit Juice subs in for wearing your team colors.

Whether you’ve been following the Astros your entire life or just jumped on the local baseball bandwagon, you gotta get at least a little excited about the World Series. Or, in this author’s case, very and that’s sayin’ a lot considered I was raised to root for the Red Sox. But having recently celebrated my 10-year Houston anniversary and eager to see my adopted city shine after Harvey, I am cheering wholeheartedly for the ’Stros and showing my pride the way I do best: eating and drinking. Fortunately, area restaurants are offering me no shortage of opportunities to do so in serious World Series style.

When you belly up to the bar at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations to watch the games on the big screens (yes, there are multiple), you could savor a $5 pour of your favorite Texas brew on draft. However, if you forgot to wear any Astros swag, then I suggest opting for a frosty cold glass of “Orbit Juice,” Bosscat’s “Astro-inspired take” on the classic Paloma. Its light orange hue (derived from the use of citrus and grapefruit) means you can still sport some team color.

FM Kitchen & Bar thinks the Astros have a great shot at victory and thus want their patrons to enjoy buck-a-roo orange and blue Jell-O shots. And while gelatin is technically a food, remember these games can last over three hours, so consider lining your stomach before engaging in more serious drinking via FM’s hot dog and 8th Wonder Dome Feaux’m beer combo ($5 during World Series games).

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Finishing this sandwich is a home run in itself.

Those looking to tune into the Astros ass-whupping the Dodgers can cater their at-home viewing parties via some takeout from Kenny & Ziggy’s, which for a limited time is offering a different kind of ‘salami,’ i.e., the Houston Astros Homerun Sandwich. With roast beef as “first base,” pastrami as “second,” corned beef as “third,” and roast turkey breast as “home,” plus layers of rye, Provolone cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing in between, this delicious stratified sammie is as difficult to finish as, well, hitting it out of the park.

Img 0653 kj3czn

Get ready to celebrate victory with dessert from Petite Sweets.

Finally, while Jose Altuve keeps his eye on the baseball, you can keep your eye on some cake balls from Petite Sweets (but not for too long, natch, as you need to eat them). The bakery has whipped up other themed treats such as Astros cookies, cupcakes, and Rice Krispies treats, all of which are available on all game days or by special order.

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