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Paying Up: An Update on Those Astros Food Bets

We're not gloating, but it's time for LA to make good on its baseball bets.

By Beth Levine November 2, 2017

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Mayor Turner, save room.

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In the wake of last night’s stunning World Series win, we thought we would check back in on some of those friendly Los Angeles-Houston rivalries to see if everyone is making good on their delicious promises.

Good Dog vs. Pink's

Original Bet: If the Dodgers won, Good Dog owners Amalia Pferd and Daniel Caballero, who are huge Astros fans, said they would treat Los Angelenos to up to 500 free hot dogs at Pinks. If the Astros won, Pink’s owners, adorable old folks Gloria and Richard Pink, would do the same, buying franks (also up to 500 of them) at either of Good Dog’s two locations–that’s 250 free hot dogs per location!

So What Now? The Pinks came through and put their dogs where their mouths are. Thanks to Pink’s, Houstonians can taste the glory all day today with free “classic hot dogs” at the Good Dogs in both the Heights and Montrose—while supplies last—with up to three condiments. “We recommend customers come hungry and come early,” added Caballero.

JW Marriott Housotn Downtown vs. JW LA Live in Los Angeles 

Original Bet: It was stipulated that if the Astros won the World Series, the JW L.A. Live general manager (a die-hard Dodgers fan) would have to wear Astros gear and post a photo of it across social media. He'd also have to serve the JW Marriott Houston Downtown’s Texas-themed margarita, called the “MVP Altuve,” in the Los Angeles hotel, with all proceeds from the drink sales donated to the Astros’ Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. (Editor's Note: Turns out neither hotel can name their drinks after MLB players, so we will go with " Texas Themed" drink). If the Dodgers won the World Series, the JW Marriott Houston Downtown’s GM would likewise have been forced to post his wardrobe of Dodgers gear, and serve the LA Live’s MVP drink, “Kershaw Curveball,” in their hotel, with all proceeds from the drink donated to the California Wildfire Relief & Recovery Fund 

So What Now? Well, let’s just say word has it that the above mentioned Dodgers fan is having a little trouble "finding his Astros gear." But have no fear. We learned from Magen Pastor, PR manager for the JW Marriott Houston Downtown, that official Astros gear is en route via Federal Express to Los Angeles. As for the themed drink? The MLB put a stop to the use of José Altuve's name, but the Texas-themed cocktail is on the menu. Here's hoping Angelenos are thirsty and sales go strong toward helping those in need after Harvey.

Mayor Sylvester Turner vs. Mayor Eric Garcetti 

Original Bet: If the Dodgers won, Turner would send Garcetti a “care package” of famed Killen’s Barbecue ribs and craft beer from Houston’s first microbrewery, Saint Arnold Brewing Company. In turn, Garcetti volleyed back that he would send Turner his own care package of a “uniquely L.A. meal” comprising Korean BBQ and some California beer, if the Astros win. 

So What Now? We are waiting on word from the mayor’s office for an update, but we were happy to provide the Los Angeles mayor’s office with a list of acceptable Korean barbecue spots.

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