Consume the Moon Dinner Series & Retreat Is a Culinary Ladies' Night

From Tinder date to gyoza, how a friendship built a tasty calling.

By Beth Levine November 1, 2017

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This pretty much sums it up.

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Close friends Magen Pastor and Shiva Marie decided to harness their sisterhood earlier this year, joining forces to launch Consume the Moon. The effort is a community-driven women’s group centered on tapping into the full moon cycles to promote spirituality, togetherness and growth offering dinner series retreats centered around the moon. This duo says they hope that their dinner series and retreat will help women embrace their inner lunar goddess.

The inaugural all-female (except for the chef) dinner retreat takes place on November 4-5 at Rockin Star Ranch in Brenham. In addition to the evening's dinner, the retreat also offers astrology readings, meditation, massage therapy, aerial yoga and more. Prepared by Chef Ara Malekian (of local favorite Harlem Road Texas BBQ), the dinner comprises five courses, drawing their inspiration from the Taurus full moon. A lot to digest, right? Here's what the ladies have to say for themselves.

What was the inspiration behind the dinner series and retreat?

Marie: I have known Magen and Elaine Dillard (of Rockin' Star Ranch), separately, and we frequently spoke about each other’s dreams. Elaine has been wanting to have a constellation dinner at her family’s ranch and Magen would frequently talk about having a female retreat based on the moon cycles, maybe using rooftops in the city. The connection was forged and this event was born—it’s been two years in the making!  

Pastor: Shiva was my inspiration. During a time in which I lived pretty far away from work, I would think a lot or listen to podcasts during my commute. I began thinking of her and how I really wanted to do something together. We had always connected around our mutual interest in astrology, add to that my marketing and events background, and I was drawn to the idea of creating some sort of experience under the stars, a gathering of women, of friends we knew and friends we had yet to meet. From there it evolved into a dinner series welcoming all, and a retreat for women.

Clearly your friendship (and sisterhood) is a key element of CTM. How did y’all meet?

Marie: We met on a Tinder date, seriously. It wasn’t a date for us, she was on a date with a friend of mine and he called me to be a wing man. Magen and I bonded immediately and became fast friends. Needless to say the Tinder date didn’t go much further!

Pastor: It’s funny as we get told that we look like twins, when Shiva is an actual twin and I have twins! 

Speaking of food, Chef Ara, we want some details about this dinner.

Malekian: Taurus full moon is known for its adoration of food, luxury and the simple, yet finer things in life.  It is the perfect time for a delicious meal prepared from simple-yet-fresh ingredients. Overeating is not welcomed on the full moon, but experimenting with tasty food is! Red wine (in moderation of course) is also welcomed at dinner, and we are working on pairing them with each course of the meal. While some of the courses are meat bases (like the gyoza), the main course will be seafood.


As this is the first of the series, Pastor and Marie are already working on their future Consume the Moon Dinner Series & Retreat collaborations, working with different chefs and choosing locations that embrace the lunar cycles. While they hope to one day be able to take this series on the road as well, for now it seems like Houstonians are in for a tasty treat under the, well, you know. 

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