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Underbelly Wants to Bring You Sandwiches

What else do you need us to tell you?

By Alice Levitt November 29, 2017

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These sandwiches want you to eat them. You'd be doing them a favor, really.

Time to trick your boss into a lunch meeting. Or if you're the boss, congratulations, you're about to get more popular. Just in time to show your holiday magnanimity, Underbelly has launched a sandwich delivery service, UB Sandwich.

"I grew up eating old-school sub sandwiches, so for me it's nostalgic—it's that comfort feeling," says chef-owner Chris Shepherd in a release. And some of the six sandwiches fall into that category. There's a house-smoked turkey grinder (albeit flavored with tomato jam and avocado), homemade corned beef, and a double club that combines Underbelly's turkey and pit-smoked ham on a white hoagie roll.

But trust Shepherd to bring fusion to the table (or desk), too. There's cold Korean fried chicken with gochujang mayo or a yogurt-and-turmeric marinated Vietnamese-influenced fish salad sandwich for those taking part in the joys of the flesh. Those who prefer to keep it veggies and cheese have a Caprese made with freshly hand-pulled mozzarella and basil cream.

Salads are options, too: The Underbelly Chopped Salad has chickpeas, pickled peppers, feta and dried cherries over field greens to keep vegetarians titillated. Want a little more protein with the greens? Vietnamese-style chicken salad and salmon salad with caper dressing might fit your colleague's bill.

For those not in the market for a full meal, platters will keep grazers happy, whether they're looking for meat, crudités or a hulking helping of pimento cheese with pork cracklings.

The minimum order for boxed lunches is $150. Orders within the inner Loop have free delivery. To check out the menu and order, click here.

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