Drink Up, But Not Too Fast

Absinthe Cocktails Take Flight At Brasserie du Parc

Find out about how you can dance with the green fairy in Houston.

By Joanna O'Leary December 15, 2017

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Get ready to rendezvous with the green fairy in Houston, and I’m not talking about Tinker Bell.

Via a collaboration between Violet Crown Spirits—Texas’s very first absinthe distiller—Brasserie du Parc is now offering a series of deadly (delicious… psych!) cocktails featuring this high-proof spirit. The potent potions were debuted at a launch party in early November and received rave reviews from attendees, some of whom were admittedly wary given absinthe’s erroneous historical reputation for causing blindness, psychosis and even death.

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Such claims were originally borne out of spurious anecdotal evidence as well as a misunderstanding of the properties of thujone, a minor component of the spirit; scientific studies have shown that absinthe is no more powerful than other alcohol of similar proof. Violet Crown’s version, unlike other less quality absinthes, is far from bitter and boasts a pleasantly subtle licorice flavor.

Drink up, kids! But not too fast, as absinthe does have a way of sneaking up on you.

The absinthe cocktail menu at Brasserie du Parc, created by talented beverage director and mixologist Kimberly Paul, includes the “Arsenic and Old Lace,” a light libation served straight up with floral notes of which Cary Grant would certainly approve. There is also an icy, slightly sweet absinthe frappe that goes down way too easy on these unseasonably humid winter evenings. Finally, fans of Papa Hemingway will appreciate the “Death in the Afternoon,” a liquid homage to his famous novel that marries champagne with absinthe.

Those who try the aforementioned cocktails and find themselves inspired to make their own can pick up a bottle of Violet Crown’s Emerald Absinthe at Spec’s or Bayou Liquors. Be forewarned that excessive experimentation can lead to online Christmas shopping that results only in gifts for…yourself. Whoops.

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