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Fat Cat Knows How to Party, Even In the Winter

Fat Cat Creamery is celebrating its fourth anniversary on Sunday.

By Cory Garcia December 15, 2017

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Ice cream: good in Texas summers, good in Texas winters.

It snowed last week. Temperatures will hit the mid-70s before Christmas arrives. We could get inches of rain between now and Wednesday. It's Houston, and that means anything is possible when it comes to the weather. One day you need a scarf, the next you're wondering why your pool isn't open.  

It's the reliable unpredictability of Houston weather that allows someone to open an ice cream spot with an outdoor patio in December and not have it seem weird. There will be days when eating ice cream outside seems like a wonderful decision every month, including the "winter." So, no, to answer the question you'll be tempted to ask, it's really not that weird, in Houston at least, that Fat Cat Creamery celebrates its anniversary in the middle of December.  

On Sunday, December 17, Sarah Johnson, owner of Fat Cat Creamery, and the rest of the ice cream slinging cats will be celebrating their fourth anniversary. It'll be a fine opportunity to reward yourself after a hard day of shopping, get yourself all sugared up before heading back out to Day For Night or to just enjoy some damn fine ice cream in the middle of what goes for one of the coldest months of the year along the Gulf Coast. 

To answer your second question, yes, there will be "Choco Tacos" available. Supplies are limited, so if you've been counting down the days until they could be yours again you should probably show up early. No lie, I once watched someone buy a stack of "Choco Tacos," and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone that happy in an ice cream shop before or since. 

Looking for ice cream lineup spoilers? Here's what's on deck for Sunday: Boozy Eggnog, Gingerbread Crunch, Creamy Winterberry, and Peppermint and White Chocolate soft serves. Whatever you pick, make sure to put it in one of their brown butter brown sugar waffle cones, because they rule too. 

In addition to all the sweetness you'll be able to consume, the party will also feature free beer from Saint Arnold and Brash Brewing, coffee pour-overs from Amaya Roasting, a live performance from Body Fat and a raffle that'll benefit Friends For Life Animal Rescue. 

The party is happening 12-4 p.m.—don't miss it.

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