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Times Are Changing For LePeep

LePeep's Galleria spot has a new location and drink options.

By Cory Garcia January 31, 2018

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LePeep serves up some killer waffles.

Image: Becca Wright

The team behind Houston's LePeep restaurants don't think in years, they think in decades. This is understandable, given how long they've been in the city and how much experience they have serving up breakfast, lunch and brunch. When it came time to move their Galleria-area location, they weren't just thinking about finding a place they could settle in for the long haul, but about any other changes that could be made to set them up for long-term success. 

On their first day at 4340 Westheimer Road, they still had to keep someone posted at their old Westheimer location to direct the 40 or so cars who stopped in looking to grab a bite to their new place. While having to make sure the regulars know where the new location is the good type of problem to have, LePeep's operators are hoping the updated interior and new menu options will help create some new regulars. 

The biggest change is the introduction of alcohol to the drink menu. Houston loves its Sunday Fundays, and talking to operators Mark Mobley and Brendon Murphy, they made mention of the fact that they didn't want people looking for a great brunch to skip over LePeep just because they want a boozy addition to their meal. Visitors at the Galleria-area LePeep now have a variety of choices from LeBar, including mimosas, Bloody Marys, Salty Dogs and coffee with a kick, in addition to beer and wine. Having sampled their mimosas, it tastes like their alcohol program is starting off on the right foot. 

The interiors of some of the older LePeep locations always struck me as a bit weird. With their darker colors, they felt more like dinner restaurants rather than a place to start the day off. The new Galleria-area location is more in line with their Memorial City location, full of lighter colors and big windows that let in an ample amount of sunlight. It's quite a refreshing change of pace. 

While there's plenty to enjoy on their menu, for my money it's all about their waffle, which may be the best in the city. It's got just the right amount of crispness and actually tastes like a waffle, rather than a pancake that's been run through a waffle iron. Plus, I give high marks to any place that serves their butter melted. 

I'm not Nostradamus, but if LePeep can learn new tricks with a location that had been around for 30 years, something tells me they'll be around for another 30 years.  

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