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The Line Starts Now: Feges BBQ Opens in Greenway Plaza

Feges BBQ is finally open for business, and yes, there was a line this morning.

By Cory Garcia March 22, 2018

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Husband-wife co-owners Patrick Feges and Erin Smith hold a barbecue platter.

Customers don’t always know the protocol the first day a new restaurant opens for business. Thus it was that I found myself along with a small group of hungry souls sitting at the tables across from Feges BBQ half an hour before it opened, no one quite ready to make the leap into being the first person in line to grab a bite of their meaty wares. When word came that they’d be slinging meat in 15 minutes, quite suddenly the handful of people hanging out suddenly became an organized mass of about 10 people. When Erin Smith finally rang the triangle dinner bell to let everyone know they were good to go, the line had already grown to about 70 people deep.

As we each took our turns ordering our lunch, new folks arrived at the back of the line. When I finally finished up my order and headed off to go about the rest of my day, the line again was 70 people or so deep. The word is out about Feges BBQ, and people are clearly ready to find out for themselves if they’ve got the goods.

Those that work in and around Greenway Plaza should count themselves lucky, because if my lunch of sausage and cornbread was any indication, Feges is a great addition to the area. Yes, my lunch was a messy one, but I can’t deny the flavors they’re cooking up, and look forward to exploring the rest of the meat side of the menu. As I watched the various options kept carved up in line, I was very impressed with just how enticing everything looked.

While meat is the focus and they have an intriguing collection of sides—you can peep the menu on their website—don’t skip on dessert. More specifically, when you get to the end of the line and begin to hear the siren song of their PB+J chocolate cake, don’t resist. It’s peanut butter-forward with just the right amount of sweetness, and if you’ve got room after devouring the savory portion of your meal you’d be cheating yourself not to try it.

You know how it goes in Texas: folks will line up if the barbecue is worth it. If you’re making the trek over to Feges, best get there early; something tells me the lunch lines are going to be a thing for a while.

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