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Holman Draft Hall Has the Look, the Beers and the Bites

The Kirby Group's latest venture is a stunner.

By Lauro Rojas March 13, 2018

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The many bites of Holman Draft Hall.

Image: Lauro Rojas

The Kirby Group, of Wooster’s Garden and Heights Bier Garten fame, opened the doors to Holman Draft Hall, at 820 Holman Street in Midtown, back in January. Boasting well over 100 taps of beer and wine, along with frozen cocktails and spirits to choose from, anyone will find something to imbibe on and possibly discover a new favorite.

Driving on to the Holman property you’re greeted with the flawless architectural design, and the fact that the property has its own 60-space parking lot in Midtown is impressive. Holman Draft Hall has three levels to it. There’s the adjoining patio area on either side of the building—one side with communal swings and the other with picnic tables. Then there is the main floor with communal tables made from reclaimed wood, with stools for sitting. On the main floor you have a spiral staircase that leads to a terrace overlooking the bar area, also with a few lounge chairs. The building design is floor to ceiling windows, virtually no walls between the patios and interior. Edison lights illuminate the interior, lending to an old time, sophisticated setting.

Brandon Silva, culinary director formerly of Uchi and Holley’s, brought his all to the menu, which contains the likes of chile con queso, bulgogi bao, tandoori pita, smoked salmon tostada and Korean nachos. The jumbo wings are tossed in their in-house made Michelada sauce, the very same you can put in your beer.

I liked everything I tried—the queso, bulgogi bao, tandoori pita, and jumbo wings all impressed (the wings with the Michelada hot sauce were particularly mind-blowing)—but my favorite had to be the crunchy soft taco. With seasoned beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and sour cream, it had a simple yet big flavor, that reminded me of a Taco Bell taco—except without the preconceived notion of mystery meat and that empty feeling of regret you get at 4 a.m.

As for the beer, Holman offers hometown favorites like Under the Radar, St. Arnold, Brash, 11 Below, and Platypus, as well as some less well-known.

Holman is a beer hall, but don’t rob yourself of experiencing the frozen cocktails crafted by the team at Wooster’s Garden; you have four to choose from, which vary from refreshing to spicy to boozy. I highly recommend the Black Tie Optional cocktail.

“We take everything we do very seriously," Steven Salazar of The Kirby Group says. "Our thing has always been to be a part of the neighborhood and deliver excellent service and a menu set to the highest standards.”

It seems that the Kirby Group have another hit on their hands, and with longer days and warmer climate around the corner people will undoubtedly be flocking to Holman’s for the amazing atmosphere.

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