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Famous Cream Puffs Coming to Katy Asian Town

Beard Papa's has more than 400 locations, and its first Texas store is opening here in August.

By Timothy Malcolm July 30, 2018

"A long time ago, there was a small bakery in Osaka, Japan," reads the beginning of the "About" page of Beard Papa's. This bakery, reads the explainer, was run by a man with a fluffy white beard. That would be Beard Papa. And he made the most delicious cream puffs "as fluffy and lovable as (his) beard."

If this bit of whimsical history makes you want to gorge on a platter of cream puffs, I completely understand. Lucky for you, Beard Papa and his cream puffs are coming to Texas, and not just Texas, but to Katy, right smack in the middle of Katy Asian Town. 

Beard Papa's announced Monday in a press release that at 10:30 a.m. August 18 it will open its first-ever Texas store—what will be the largest of its North America locations (which include stores in California, the Pacific Northwest, New York City, Massachusetts, and Kansas)—at 23119 Colonial Parkway, Suite A13. There it will serve its famous cream puffs, delectable treats of double-layered puff-choux, a custard-cream mixture inside, and a pie-crust shell. More pastries and drinks will also on be on the menu. Catering and delivery will follow after the grand opening.

Meanwhile, you can visit Beard Papa's Instagram page to build up your excitement level for the grand opening. 

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