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Which Houston Grocery Store Is the One For You?

Consult our handy chart to find out.

By Jeff Balke August 30, 2018

Image: Cory Garcia


  • Two-Word Description: The king
  • Most Interesting Location: Interstate 10 at Bunker Hill
  • Who You See: Everybody
  • What to Buy: Everything
  • When to Go: Not on Sunday

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  • Two-Word Description: The stalwart
  • Most Interesting Location: Montrose
  • Who You See: You really never know.
  • What to Buy: Staples
  • When to Go: Between midnight and 3 a.m.

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  • Two-Word Description: Old school
  • Most Interesting Location: River Oaks
  • Who You See: Grown folks
  • What to Buy: Baked goods
  • When to Go: After 8 p.m. but before 10 p.m.

Fiesta Mart

  • Two-Word Description: Party town
  • Most Interesting Location: Midtown
  • Who You See: People grooving to slow jams
  • What to Buy: Chiles
  • When to Go: Weekday evenings

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Whole Foods

  • Two-Word Description: Organic world
  • Most Interesting Location: Waugh Drive
  • Who You See: Skinny people in workout clothes
  • What to Buy: Steam-table and salad-bar items
  • When to Go: Lunchtime

Central Market

  • Two-Word Description: Kale City
  • Most Interesting Location: Weslayan
  • Who You See: Rich, healthy people
  • What to Buy: Fresh juice
  • When to Go: Not on Saturday

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Sprouts Farmers Market

  • Two-Word Description: Whole Foods-ish
  • Most Interesting Location: Heights
  • Who You See: Hippies and yuppies
  • What to Buy: Natural deodorant
  • When to Go: Weekends

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  • Two-Word Description: Bag free
  • Most Interesting Location: Tomball
  • Who You See: Diverse shoppers and people curious about them
  • What to Buy: Reusable shopping bags
  • When to Go: During the day
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