Last year, Yauatcha unveiled a special menu, donating 15 percent of revenue from its items to the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. On that menu was a steamed sea prawn dumpling topped with caviar and lounging in a syrupy “superior stock.”

That sea prawn dumpling is back in that drinkable chicken-noodle-soup reduction, joining nearly two-dozen new items as part of a major menu change at Yauatcha, the gourmet dim sum teahouse with six other current locations across the world. The new menu includes dishes that are featured at other Yauatcha locations.

There are 18 new items in total, including a line of stir fry dishes, three delectable dessert offerings, and colorful cocktails and mocktails.

While the sea prawn dumpling is enjoyable, the edamame and truffle dumpling is a simple and beautiful marriage of savory flavors. You’ll also want to try the truffle pork belly rib, soft and decadently decorated in truffles, hon-shimeji mushrooms, and dainty flowers.

For something completely out of the ordinary, nothing may beat the carnivalesque fired chili squid. Fried squid is topped with oats and red and green chili flakes. The potent bite has a wonderfully spicy kick—but up front is straight-up funnel cake. Seriously. The oats simulate fried dough laced with copious powdered sugar. Shareable as it gets, although it may be divisive to the squid traditionalist. But I loved it.

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