Bingsu, Baby

Delicious Korean Shaved Ice Arrives In Katy

Topped with fruit, these creations are sticky sweet, creamy and cooling.

By Sandy Tang September 14, 2018

The mango bingsu is a decadent dream of a dessert.

Image: Sandy Tang

Be sure to leave room for dessert if you are on a restaurant crawl of white-hot Katy, because the new and poppin’ Asian Town's Sul Bing Su is a must. This concept, which shares a name with a popular bingsu (or Korean shaved ice) purveyor in Seoul, offers a variety of options and a few mouthwatering soft-serve flavors.

The unsightly view of the queue (and there will be a line) may bear annoyance, but don’t let that prevent you from devouring a scrumptious bowl of shaved ice, especially if it's unbearably hot outside.

Sul Bing Su's most popular bingsu are original, mango, black sesame, Oreo, green tea, and strawberry. Each order starts with a base layer of finely shaved ice, which is then topped with fresh ingredients and drizzled with condensed milk or fruit syrup. Its mango bingsu overflows with a generous amount of sweet mango, with cream hidden beneath the layers of snow, and of course, whipped cream and a delicious mango drizzle top the masterpiece. It may be a simple concoction, but each balanced bite makes you crave more.

Another popular bingsu worth trying is the black sesame, which is endlessly layered with black sesame powder and shaved ice. The texture of the powder takes on a sandy, crunchy texture and enhances your bingsu to a whole new level.

If you're not a fan of shaved ice, Sul Bing Su also offers a taste of its milk, matcha, taro, and black sesame soft-serve. Rich, creamy flavors can be served in a floral cone or a taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake. Unlike other soft-serve that melts the moment it is handed to you, Sul Bing Su’s soft-serve holds its form for as long as 20 Instagram snaps. It melts in your mouth while it delivers the richest essence of its flavor.

Houston knows good shaved ice, but there's definitely room for bingsu, especially in the ever-growing Asian Town, where foodies scavenge for the next hot spot to Yelp or Instagram. Ever since opening, Sul Bing Su has been jam-packed with eager customers who devour its treats. You should join them. 

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