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Glow-In-The-Dark Candy: Is This Really a Bright Idea?

Hershey's and Mars are both rolling out products with radiant wrappers.

By Joanna O'Leary October 8, 2018

What's next, candy equipped with alarms that notify the world you're eating too much?

Nyctophobiacs, rejoice! Now, thanks to the innovators at two of the fiercest competitors in the confection business, you won’t be (as) scared stiff when night falls on October 31, because they have both respectively developed treats to light your way.

For this Halloween, Hershey’s has introduced glow-in-the-dark versions of its fun-size plain chocolate bars, Kit-Kats, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Similarly, Mars (never one to be outdone by Milton) has debuted glow-in-the-dark miniature bags of M&Ms. No word on whether the candy’s slogan has been modified to “Melts in your mouth, glows in your hand.”

It should be noted that in both cases it is the wrappers, not the candies themselves, that are phosphorescent, which is probably a good thing considering the latter option would probably have to involve radioactive materials. And that is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility, given that noted nuclear facility site Three Mile Island is less than a 30-minute car trip from Hershey's Chocolate World. Seriously, this Pennsylvania native has made the drive.

While the ambient glow of this novel packaging will certainly be a source of comfort to some this Halloween season, the downside, especially for those of us with gluttonous tendencies like this writer, is that the evidence of our sugar binges will be illuminated for all to see. I don’t know if I’m prepared to watch as an irradiated mountain of wrappers slowly forms as I “nibble” on Kit-Kats and M&Ms while watching Garfield's Halloween Adventure and waiting for all those trick-or-treaters that never come.

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