Former Original Beaver's to Become Bar With Chef-Residency Program

Axelrad partner Adam Brackman and acclaimed chef Monica Pope are hoping to create a community vibe.

By Timothy Malcolm October 4, 2018

Adam Brackman, partner at Axelrad Beer Garden, and chef Monica Pope, formerly of t'afia and Sparrow and a 2007 James Beard nominee for Best Chef: Southwest, will be opening a bar-forward concept with a chef-in-residency program in the space of the former Original Beaver's at 2310 Decatur. 

According to a release, the spot will be called Vinegar Hill Houston—taking from the former name of that Old 7th Ward Historic District neighborhood—and will feature a 120-seat indoor/outdoor area, and a semi-separated 30-seat restaurant helmed by the rotating chef-in-residency. That restaurant will be reservation-only, and the chef will work with the bar to create specialty cocktails that pair with her or his menu. 

Evelyn Garcia, 2014 Chopped winner who has produced Southeast-Asian-influenced pop-ups and dinners across the city, will be the first chef at Vinegar Hill when it opens in early November. The residencies will run about three months on average.

“The idea of creating the opportunity for an up-and-coming chef to run their own kitchen, work out their concept, and increase their customer base prior to seeking out investors and taking the plunge into ownership is an exciting prospect for everyone involved,” said Pope in the release. “Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, so we understand the importance of providing ways to incubate the next generation of leaders in our city and help them to succeed."

Shawn Busch, formerly of Underbelly Hospitality, will be general manager of Vinegar Hill Houston. It'll be open for pop-up coffee and snacks (including Pope's biscuits), and co-working opportunities at 10 a.m. daily, before moving into evening service.

Brackman and Pope were partners at Original Beaver's, which closed in August.

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