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Our Latest Obsession: The Mango Smoothie at the Boba Spot

With a little help from basil seeds, this fruity wonder makes for a perfect dessert drink.

By Timothy Malcolm November 1, 2018

The Boba Spot has some seriously delicious drinks.

Boba is big, and we've already touched on where you can get it in Houston.

But here's the next craze. Get ready: smoothies.

I know. Wild isn't it? Who can even imagine that the blended combination of fruit, lactose, and ice could be popular? Well, we imagine it.

The Boba Spot opened this summer off 290 just before Gessner. It has all the milk tea options you'd want, plus a robust variety of sinkers (boba, grass jelly, mango pudding, green apple jelly, lychee popping, etc.), plus ice cream and slushies. But here, I recommend you start with a smoothie. While not necessarily the kind you'll want before the gym, these smoothies lead with fruit and have the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess.

I went after the mango smoothie, adding basil seeds, which look like even smaller black-eyed peas but have a slimy, chewy texture. The combination of tropical mango sweetness and herbal, smacky basil was perfect. And I loved chewing the gelatinous seeds that zoomed up my straw.

You have to experience it for yourself. Head to the Boba Spot and grab one of these smoothies. Ask for basil seeds. I promise, the smoothie craze is just beginning—it's time you hopped aboard the bandwagon.

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