Killen-garten Cop

Arnold Schwarzenegger Visited Killen's BBQ Thursday

The famed movie star and politician signed the wall, so you know it's real.

By Timothy Malcolm December 7, 2018

Imagine, you're chowing down on one of Ronnie Killen's beef ribs and you hear ... that voice.

You know the one. You've heard it thousands of times now. It's inescapable. Round yet jagged, forceful yet cozy, it's the voice of growing up in the 1980s and '90s. It's so familiar, it's tucked deep into your grey matter: "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!"

Yes, friends. Action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit Thursday to Killen's BBQ (he was in town for the Houston memorial service of former president George H.W. Bush). And what a visit it was.

Ah, poor Ronnie Killen. The guy gets an opportunity to snap a selfie with Arnold, and he's not sure where to look. Still, a very cool moment, though I'm not sure what's happening with the photo? Update your phone, Arnold?

Now, watch as Arnold puts his John Hancock on the wall at Killen's. Blessings for the fun smiley face he adds at the end, and the Grandpa-level pose he makes as cameras get a few more snaps after he's finished.

In the following series of photos, Arnold poses again with Ronnie (this time with better results), we see the signature signature, and he exits in a black SUV. What could he possibly be thinking in that moment?

Well, we know. According to a representative for Killen's BBQ, Arnold literally said "Hasta la vista, baby!" as he left with his girlfriend and four security guards. Of course, he probably says that to every establishment he visits (and then leaves). 

The rep said Arnold visited between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. It was the second time he visited the famed Pearland establishment; during his first visit in May 2017 (for University of Houston commencement) he signed the wall and wrote "I'll be back!" Well, the guy keeps his promises apparently, though when Killen updated the dining room he painted over Arnold's signature. Thus the new autograph.

What did Arnold order? According to the rep, he had the meat platter (with a combination of every meat). As for sides and desserts, "a little of everything." Hey, when you're going, go hard.

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