Need More Holiday Carbs? Welcome Feges BBQ's Larry

How can you say no to smoked turkey, Alabama white sauce, and chipotle powder?

By Amy Scott December 6, 2018

Here's Larry. No word on if his brother Darryl or his other brother Darryl are on offer, as well.

Image: Amy Scott

Are you bummed that you didn’t make it home with more Thanksgiving leftovers? Haven’t quite had your fill of turkey and sweet potatoes? Never fear! There are great spots around town carrying the holiday food torch for you to enjoy your favorite dishes—and you don’t have to do any work.

Feges BBQ is keeping the holiday spirit alive with its tasty Larry sweet potato. A baked sweet potato with smoked turkey, Alabama white sauce and chipotle powder, the Larry is a secret menu item that was created by one of Feges’s chefs, and its namesake, Larry.

“While most people get their potato with chopped brisket, we’ll put any available meat on there, and some folks prefer the turkey,” said Patrick Feges, co-owner of Feges BBQ. “One day, Larry suggested topping it with our Alabama white sauce, which is perfect sauce for poultry. To take it a step further, he dusted it with chipotle powder.”

The loaded potato is available both as an Idaho and a sweet, but “the sweetness pairs really well with the smoked meats” Feges said.

The Larry sweet potato has become a favorite for regulars, and Larry is always working to gain more followers. Stop by and decide if it’s your new holiday food habit.

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