"I have many leather-bound books, a-" (Hundreds of bon-bons fall out of the books.)

If you and your partner are of the too-cool-for-school set that dismisses Valentine’s Day as a pure Hallmark holiday, stop reading now.

If you recognize that, while appreciation of your significant other should occur the other 364 days of the year, going the extra mile on the Feb. 14 won’t hurt, keep reading.

Let's embrace that ever-traditional Valentine’s gift: chocolate. Here are our picks for five boxes of chocolate that will really impress your most special friend ... even if he's Forrest Gump.

Russell Stover Whitman’s Giant Sampler

In 1842 an aspiring chocolatier named Stephen F. Whitman opened a small confectionery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and, well, the rest is sweet history. The jumbo sampler lined with elegant gold foil includes all of Whitman’s most popular flavors including maple fudge, marshmallow, and cashew clusters. With 40 ounces of assorted chocolates for just under $40, Whitman’s Sampler offers possibly the most bon bons for your buck.

See’s Candies Gift of Elegance

You’ll need both hands when presenting this selection of See’s candies to your lover, as this behemoth of a box weighs in at just over four pounds. Ceremoniously snipping the gold ribbon and lifting the lid reveals milk and dark chocolate caramels, toffee, fudge, and nut truffles, and other molar-wrecking candies organized into four internal rectangular compartments. A dentist’s nightmare, but your dream.

Pogart Gourmet Dark Chocolate Assortment

Impress your partner with Pogart’s collection of dark chocolate truffles, whose brilliant hues reflect such innovative flavors as mango, ginger, peppermint, and coffee. All pieces are made with all-organic Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate with a 70 percent cacao content—perfect for the the more discerning chocoholic in your life.

Cacao & Cardamom’s Secret Stash Gift Box

Should the presence of hungry, curious little ones (or in-laws) necessitate that your gift of chocolate remain clandestine, Houston's Cacao & Cardamom offers a treasure trove of treats disguised as a nondescript book. Peek inside the “pages” and you’ll find a gorgeous arrangement of Asian-inflected confections in varieties such as Chinese peppercorn, star anise, maple syrup, and balsamic peanut butter and jelly.

La Maison Boite Maison

A mother of a price tag gets you (or, rather, your partner in crime) this motherlode of gourmet chocolates. For just under $300, your box of ultra decadent ganaches, truffles, and pralines will be made to order by La Maison du Chocolat (that’s French, by the way, for “Maison of Chocolate”) then shipped from Paris to your doorstep, delighting your better half and securing you bragging rights for the century.

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