Is That The Red Or The White?

These 5 Chowders Keep the Comfort Going

As we move on from winter, pay respect to this perfect bowl of creamy satisfaction.

By Joanna O'Leary March 14, 2019

The last (sort of) cold breath of winter might just be behind us. With the chilly temperatures fading away from view, it’s now or never to indulge in our favorite piping-hot comfort foods. My favorite way to chase away the seasonal affective disorder sorrows is to slurp some fatty soups (and sidecars—but that’s another article). Recently, my New England heart has been hankering for chowder. Here are five to try around town:

Blue Onyx Bistro

The chowder at Blue Onyx Bistro is bright with diverse flavors, thanks to the inclusion of lump crab meat and shrimp. Diced celery, corn, and carrot are welcome vegetables, giving rise to a more refreshing mouthfeel. Plan on following up with the Bistro’s famed large-and-in-charge surf and turf roll. 

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Yes, order the famed lobster roll but don’t skip a side of soup. East Hampton offers patrons two choices in chowdah. The traditional New England version is a thick, starchy broth laden with Harbor Banks clams, chunks of roasted potatoes, and a tickle of black pepper. For a sweeter stew, try the roasted corn and shrimp chowder, whose piscine proteins are enriched by porcine notes from bacon bits.

La Lucha

“Would you like fries with that?” is not the usual requisite follow-up question to a request for a cup of chowder, but it’s par for the course at La Lucha. Skinny frites arrive with a companion pitcher of creamy blue crab broth, which your server will gladly pour all over your potatoes. 

Maine-ly Sandwiches

Houston’s original source of lobster rolls for East Coasters craving them, Maine-ly Sandwiches also has secured a steady following for its clam chowder. It’s (slightly) lighter when compared to others around town, but no less potent in flavor. Be sure to toss the entire gratis bag of oyster crackers into your bowl before tucking in. 

The Pearl

Chowder at The Pearl benefits from a double dose of dairy as the soup's cream base gets a tangy twist from the addition of goat cheese. Tender crab meat and charred corn round out the milky deliciousness; we suggest pairing your chowder with a dozen bivalves on the half-shell for briny contrast. 

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