Dog Days Are Over

Beer News: Baileson's Prohibition Period Has Ended

Plus, local breweries are marking Pride month with new suds.

By Timothy Malcolm June 14, 2019

A dark, a light, and dogs, at Baileson Brewing Co.

Still recovering from last weekend's anniversary festivities? If you partied at Saint Arnold Brewing Company's 25th birthday bash (go grab those Grand Cru bottles) or raised a glass to B-52's fifth year, consider this weekend a calm respite. Here's the brew news: 

News & Events

Big news: Baileson is back! The Boulevard Oaks brewery had to stop selling beer for-profit because of a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission permit snafu, but it announced Wednesday morning that the saga has ended. Baileson opened on Thursday to celebrate. 

The good that came out of the issue is Baileson continued to serve beer, but for donations to nonprofits that the brewery supported. Considering the brewery's canine theme (Baileson is a combination of the names of the owners' oldest pooches), proceeds went to various animal rescues and charities. Kudos to Baileson for putting on a good face through a harrowing situation, and for spreading love throughout the city. Now go support Baileson, Houston.

Buffalo Bayou's Spring Carnival is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. Saturday. Thirty beers will be available, along with custom glassware, plus a dunk tank, and Kiki Maroon's comedic burlesque show. Must be 21 and older. Tickets are $25-$30.

It's a big weekend at Spindletap. First, the brewery is releasing Heavy Hands, a Citra-packed hazy double IPA at 8 percent ABV. A small amount will be available starting at 1 p.m. Friday; lines are expected. Then on Saturday, it's the brewery's third annual Beer Olympics, featuring events like flip cup, beer pong, home run derby, and an obstacle course relay. Also, the brewery has a new property with disc golf and other fields. That's pretty awesome.

Beer Releases

Brash is releasing Beer, which is a beer (a pilsner), with an event June 20 at Rudyard's Pub. Get cans starting June 21 at Brash.

This is great: Great Heights is releasing Haze Not Hate, a hazy double IPA, on June 21. A portion of proceeds will go toward LGBTQ-centric causes (they'd like some suggestions). Oh, it's a can release. Yup, Great Heights is doing cans now.

Meanwhile, Eureka Heights is soon to release Lavender Bunny, a purple-hued cream ale (thanks to lavender and butterfly pea flower additions). Proceeds for this beer are going to Pride Houston.

Pride beer at City Acre: P-Ride, a pilsner brewed with cabernet and merlot grapes.

No rest for the weary: B-52 is following up its five-year anniversary party with a bunch of new beers. They include a second blend of French 75, a sour conditioned on lemon juice and juniper berries, and fizzy like champagne; Wheez The Juice (hazy IPA) with all Citra hops; and Wheez The Shake (the milkshake version of Wheez The Juice) conditioned on fruits and blended with sours.

New stuff at Texas Leaguer: Farm System No. 68 is a pale ale at 7.1 percent ABV. It comes out Friday.

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