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Chicken Strips With Your Daiquiri? Why Not?

On Mondays, Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive offers a most un-fowl special.

By Joanna O'Leary August 28, 2019

Up until recently, I thought the coolest thing about Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive (in addition to its most excellent daiquiris) was that said frozen drinks came in sturdy, reusable, purple plastic cups adorned with fun fluorescent stirrers in animal shapes (the flamingo is my favorite). I enjoyed collecting these little lagniappes and envisioned reusing the particularly plum, plum-colored cups for future fetes at my house.

Now, Voodoo Queen has endeared itself to me for two more reasons. First, every Monday, come rain or shine and just as long as the fryer is functional, Voodoo Queen offers 75-cent chicken strips (unlimited). And before the cynics among you snort, “Well, I bet you get what you pay for with that ‘deal’!” know that these chicken strips are large; composed entirely of juicy white meat; evenly and thickly coated in a crispy, peppery batter with hints of paprika; and always made to order. The final point of order means you can be assured your strips are not languishing under a heat lamp growing flaccid and flavorless. It also means that you may have to wait up to 30 minutes during peak time on Mondays (roughly 8-10 p.m.) for your order. 

It’s worth it, however, not simply because a bountiful basket of these strips will run you roughly $4, but also if Frankie happens to be working that Monday (and he usually is). Adorable and gregarious, Frankie is a very capable bartender who will mix a side of honey mustard himself (if you ask nicely) since the kitchen, while stocked with with honey and mustard, does not technically offer said condiment.

Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive, I salute you for this terrific food special, your consistently well-mixed frosty libations, and for Frankie, who deserves a diadem for giving customers like me the royal treatment.

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