We're one step closer to the realization of a highly developed food market at the property on Airline Drive that included the former Canino Produce. On Tuesday, MLB Capital Partners and project consultant Chris Shepherd broke ground on the future Houston Farmers Market in the Heights.

The project has been in the works for a few years now. In 2017, the Farmers' Marketing Association of Houston Inc., which owned the lot, sold the property to Houston-based real estate investment company MLB Capital Partners. After Canino left, MLB put a new vendor in its place (Junior's Produce, which according to past reports will remain onsite during construction), while many of the other existing vendors remain on the 17.67-acre lot. 

The Houston Farmers Market will have climate-controlled spaces; shaded, open-air market areas; common seating areas; site landscaping; defined parking; and an exclusive food-and-drink concept from Shepherd, who is also offering input on the buildout and tenant recruitment processes. Other partners include Clark Condon Associates, Studio RED Architects, Gunda Corporation, and Arch-Con Construction.

Renderings show a seafood market space, a bistro, a cafe, and a hipster-looking coffee counter. Obviously renderings aren't final, but it'll be interesting to see how the parties involved blend tourist-friendly fare and amenities for a gentrifying neighborhood with the more traditional previous market.

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