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Craft Pita Exceeds Its Fast-Casual Expectations

Lebanese and Mediterranean flavors sing here.

By Timothy Malcolm October 16, 2019

Mana'eesh at Craft Pita—half cheese, half za'atar.

Craft Pita doesn't have to be this good.

This Tanglewood-area restaurant has a fast-casual setup. The gentleman who took my order was not only seriously kind, but he made a two-bite check, and then he let me know that he put my to-go, made-to-order ice cream in the fridge to stay cold, and I should ask to retrieve it as I leave.

The olive oil that finishes dishes is straight from Lebanon, home of owner Rafael Nasr's family. Craft Pita also works with Plant It Forward, Atkinson Farms, and HeartBrand Beef, among other purveyors. 

This isn't to say working with local purveyors and keeping a genuinely nice interior is crazy, but Craft Pita specializes in simple Lebanese- and Mediterranean-style bowls (falafel, chicken, beef), pita sandwiches, falafel, roasted cauliflower, and mana'eesh. It could serve up its food in a relatively boring space with little attention to service, but that's clearly not happening here. In every way, it exceeds expectations as a lunch or quick dinner spot.

A few recommendations: The mana'eesh—available in cheese or za'atar (or better yet, half and half)—is delicious with bubbly, nicely browned crust. The cheese is plentiful and stretchy, and the za'atar is a touch spicy and very fresh and earthy. These are perfect to share between two and four people, and kids will absolutely dig the cheese flatbread.

A falafel bowl at Craft Pita.

The bowls are packed with fresh ingredients that are separated, so you can combine and mix to your heart's content. The homemade falafel is crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. 

Try the baklava ice cream—not-too-sweet cream with a honey-tinged baklava crumble and pistachio pieces. Mix it all together for a refreshing finish.

Craft Pita is perfect for a group lunch or fast dinner (though it also does rotisserie chicken, and I'd love to check that out soon). If you're feeling hungry and hanging around Uptown, Tanglewood, or Briargrove, you'll know where to turn.

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