Hand it Over

The Heights Is About to Be a Hand Roll Paradise

The team at Kokoro is about to open its next concept.

By Timothy Malcolm November 21, 2019

In foreground, Patrick Pham. In background (in the duck shirt), Daniel Lee.

Fill up on all that Thanksgiving grub, but once your belly clears, you're going to want hand rolls. 

Sure, Hando—a project from Jason Andaya with executive chef Man Nguyen—is about to open its doors at 518 W. 11th St. in the Heights. Right behind it is Handies Douzo, the new Japanese hand roll concept from the team behind Bravery Chef Hall's popular sushi spot Kokoro. According to co-owners Daniel Lee and Patrick Pham, the bar/restaurant will open for regular dinner service Dec. 1 at 3510 White Oak Drive, also in the Heights.

The menu will include those hand rolls, known as temaki, plus sashimi and possibly crudos. The duo announced the spot last year and gave a sneak preview of sorts in a "secret taste" last November, won plaudits with their fun work with sushi and yakitori at Kokoro, then launched a NextSeed campaign for Handies Douzo that raised $75,000.

"It happened fast," Lee said.

"We were planning (Handies Douzo) before (Kokoro), and that got delayed a little bit," Pham added. "But it worked out." 

But don't fret about the future of Kokoro. Lee and Pham—who now call their company Duckstache because Lee goes by "Ducky" and wears duck-print shirts, and Pham has a well-manicured handlebar mustache—have another two years and change at least at Bravery Chef Hall, since the vendors there all sign three-year leases.

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