Our Latest Obsession: Mint Gelato at Rosie Cannonball

Yes, this one warrants hyperbole.

By Timothy Malcolm November 26, 2019

The mint gelato at Rosie Cannonball is ... *swoon*

If you were tracking Instagram, the arbiter of all things trendy, you found that people snapping photos of Rosie Cannonball early on generally slanted toward the bubbling pizzas. Those are works of art, and some of them taste very good.

But something is happening to turn the tide. More often, Instagrammers have been posting photos of a shaved mass of white topped with drizzled chocolate sauce and filled with little cocoa nibs trying to hide from the bad guys. That's the mint gelato, one of Rosie's desserts.

It's one of the best desserts I've ever eaten.

Yes, this warrants hyperbole. I was gobsmacked by the powerful minty hit I got from the gelato, a result of using fresh mint from your own farm (in this case Good Thyme Farm in Bellville, owned by Peter and Bailey McCarthy of Goodnight Hospitality, which operates Rosie). The caramelized cocoa nibs—a pop of crunchy, seductive sugar—are folded into the gelato, and dark chocolate is the razzle-dazzle at the top. 

Together, the mint gelato is a revelation. I've had gelato in Italian villages, including an absurdly awesome flavor called cri cri that was basically vanilla mixed with Cocoa Krispies. This is better. 

There's a way to construct the best meal in Houston at Rosie Cannonball—that's what we're talking about here. That meal probably includes the mint gelato.

(Editor's note: Of course, the mint gelato is now off the menu. It has been replaced by Sicilian pistachio gelato with pomegranate and candied orange. I'm sure it's fantastic.)

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