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You Have to Try This Vegan Donut Place

Cambodian-style treats made without animal products? Clear your Saturday morning.

By Timothy Malcolm November 13, 2019

The vegan donut treats from—wait for it—Vegan Donuts & Gelato.

My inclination upon waking up on a Saturday isn't to drive 25 minutes from home to pick up some vegan donuts and klobasneks (kolaches, but meat-filled). But sometimes I go against my inclination, and sometimes it works.

Vegan Donut & Gelato has been open for a year on Clay Road in the Bear Creek area, promising Cambodian-style donuts and other foods made without animal products—no eggs, no dairy. Its klobasneks substitute meat for soy-based and tofu products. Again, I'm not one to simply shun the flesh, but it's wise to try alternatives once in a while. Especially if some of the fare is as good as it is here.

Simply put, these are some of the better donuts I've had, period. I ordered a mixed six, which included four glazed—orange, blueberry, chocolate peanut, cherry—and two cake—maple sprinkle and coconut. I didn't expect to polish off half of them in about three minutes, but I guess I'm not bashful. If you want to hone in on one donut, the orange is terrific—tart, snappy, and offset by the donut's sugary sweet softness. Both cake donuts were also outstanding. You wouldn't know that these are vegan.

The klobasaneks are hit or miss. Essentially, the dough is that of the glazed donuts, which means they're just too greasy and sweet, overpowering the filling. I tried the falafel and found the filling slightly dry and uneven (I could've used, say, two or three smaller falafel balls inside instead of one giant one). Better was the soy chorizo, which has a good bit of chili bite along with some powerful jalapeños. 

But I'd just skip those in favor of adding on a couple orders of vegan egg rolls (four for $3), because why not? Nicely fried and filled Cambodian-style with mushrooms, carrots, noodles, and cabbage, they're immensely flavorful.

I didn't try the gelato (look, even I have limits at 9:30 a.m.), but I imagine I'll want to find my way back for it. And maybe I'll add on some herbal tea or seaweed, since they sell these products at the counter. Yup, Vegan Donuts & Gelato is the kind of Houston experience you want on a Saturday morning—fun, casual, friendly, and stupidly tasty in the most unexpected way.

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