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Food News: Turkey Leg Hut Lawsuit On Hold

Plus, really delicious hot chicken is coming to the Heights.

By Timothy Malcolm December 9, 2019

The group of Third Ward residents who filed a lawsuit against the Turkey Leg Hut for posing "an elevated public health risk to the surrounding community as well as its customers" have announced they've suspended litigation.

"We agreed to temporarily suspend, or 'non-suit without prejudice,' the litigation to give the Turkey Leg Hut owners one last chance to get in compliance with the law and finally become good neighbors," said attorney Cris Feldman of Feldman & Feldman, PC, who represents the plaintiffs.

The group claims that the restaurant popular for its smoked and stuffed turkey legs "has been 'given a pass' by the City of Houston" despite multiple inspection violations. A press release also makes note of owners' Nakia and Lyndell Price's support of Mayor Sylvester Turner. 

"The neighbors hope the suspension of the litigation causes the Prices to make the most of this opportunity to comply with local laws and city health department regulations like other restaurateurs," continued Feldman, who threatened legal action if the plaintiffs feel the Prices haven't complied.

Meanwhile, the Prices are claiming outright victory over the Third Ward residents, with representatives releasing a statement saying the plaintiffs "have dropped their lawsuit."

Turkey Leg Hut alleges the plaintiffs' beef isn't over health concerns as much as it is about getting the popular restaurant out of its neighborhood, referring to emails shared between the neighbors discussing the lawsuit.

"From the moment we were engaged, we suspected this was not about smoke but rather about forcing the Turkey Leg Hut out of its location,” said Jane Robinson, an attorney with AZA Law Firm representing Turkey Leg Hut. "We were not about to let that happen. We are pleased that these neighbors have elected to drop the suit quickly and proud to have had the opportunity to fight for Turkey Leg Hut."

We've been talking a lot about new restaurants coming to the Heights lately, and well, that's only going to continue. Mico's Hot Chicken, known for its flavorful hot chicken in a trailer near the Galleria (that's only been operating since June, mind you), will open a brick-and-mortar at 1603 N. Durham Rd. That, if you're wondering, is the former location of Balls Out Burger. Expect Mico's to open its Heights location around January or February.

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