Now Go Do That Voodoo ...

How to Pair Voodoo Doughnut With Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive

Yes, you'll be really sugared up, but you'll also feel whole.

By Joanna O'Leary February 12, 2020

Several weeks after its opening, the Houston branch of the acclaimed Oregon-based chain Voodoo Doughnut still commands long lines that snake out the door almost any time of the day. Although the same can't be said for Houston's other voodoo-themed eating-and-drinking establishment, Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive, the EaDo bar still commands a loyal patronage for its stellar and seriously strong drinks.

If you're having a rough week, I suggest doubling down on voodoo-inspired eats by binging on both frozen drinks and fried baked goods. Need help pairing the perfect pastry with a potent libation? Here are our five favorite complementary Voodoo Doughnut and Voodoo Queen couplings.

Drink: Witch Dr.
Doughnut: Guava Colada

Chase away your tropical depression by tucking into this yeast doughnut topped with vanilla icing and sweetened coconut and bursting with light guava jelly. Then, wash it all down with more island merriment via 22 ounces of 151 rum mixed with chamoy, mango, and guava juices. 

Drink: Mutinous Crew
Doughnut: Oh Captain, My Captain

Feeling naughty and nautical? Pair this boat drink made with pineapple juice, coffee liqueur, and gold rum with a moist doughnut frosted with vanilla glaze and dusted with Captain Crunch. And forget,“It’s five o’clock somewhere.” You got your coffee, you got your cereal: I call that breakfast.

Drink: Penus Coladus
Doughnut: Cock-n-balls

Yes, we are that immature. Voodoo Queen’s burns-so-good fireball piña colada demands an equally frisky partner in the form of this phallic specialty doughnut offered from time to time and filled with Bavarian cream and hooded in chocolate frosting. We will refrain from making any further comments.

Drink: Afternoon Harpoon
Doughnut: Hi Tea

If you’re one of those partiers/sugar freaks who insist on being prim and proper while on a bender, nibble on the fragrant “Hi Tea” donut decorated with Earl Grey glaze and a drizzle of fragrant hibiscus syrup. Keep those pinkies raised as you tilt a glass of the “Afternoon Harpoon,” whose heavy rum base has comforting undertones of citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

Drink: Bloody Marie
Doughnut: Voodoo Doll

Imagine you’re destroying your enemy as you relish the delightful sweet and salty notes of this chocolate-frosted edible effigy bleeding tart raspberry jam (thanks to a gaping chest wound from that pretzel stake). Alternate bites with sips of the Bloody Marie’s savory blend of garlic-dill infused vodka and tomato juice, fresh in flavor and startlingly sanguine in color. 

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